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Our service and support prices beat those of the national chains! 

Sorry, we do not repair Apple products.

In-shop desktop/laptop labor rate : $75/hr.

On-site desktop/laptop labor rate:


Virus/malware/rootkit removal

$75 - $112.50 flat rate, depending on number and severity of viruses/malware infections.

Remote virus removal service $5/mo. with purchase of antivirus software @ $39.95/yr. 
Data transfer  $75/hr. (in-shop data transfers are more efficient and therefore less expensive)
Replace laptop screen

Usually $149.00 + tax; call for estimate based on your model

Replace laptop touch screen Call for estimate; part cost alone can exceed $300.00 
Hard Drive Cloning  $75 flat rate.  Cloning doesn't work if hard drive has failed.
Data recovery, simple

$75/hr. (for example, from computer that won't boot).  Average cost is $75 per 100 Gb of data recovered. Non-refundable deposit of $60 required in advance.

Complex Data recovery, local  $80/hr. (overwritten data, deleted data, hard drive formatted over data, operating system installed over data, hard drive failure, etc.).  Average cost is $80 per 100 Gb of data recovered. Non-refundable deposit of $60 required in advance.
Clean Room Data Recovery Basic charge is $995 or $1,495 for drives of capacity > 1 Terabyte, + shipping and handling.  Basic charge refunded if data recovery not successful. 
Computer Purchase Consultation: $37.50 flat fee
Operating System Installation: $110 flat fee; includes drivers and Windows updates;  installation of suite of computer protection software extra.
On-site training: $75/hr. (Windows navigation, file and folder handling, email administration, data backup, network administration, SEO concepts, etc.)
Diagnostics: $50 flat fee (diagnose a PC or laptop to determine the cause of a problem)
Network Setup labor rate: $75/hr. (typical wireless networks take one to two hours to set up, depending on number of pieces of equipment and other factors)
Memory Installation: $25 
Create Recovery Disks:  $35 flat fee - includes cost of DVDs 
Dust removal from
CPU and interior of desktop computer:
$20 flat fee; no dust will remain in your computer
Recycle old computer(s): $35 per computer (includes removal & destruction of hard drive)
Hard drive destruction: $10 per hard disk drive
SEO Analysis, Consultation, or Training: $75/hr.
Manage Google Ad Campaign $100/mo., not including per-click cost
Trip Charge $25 - $75, depending on location 
Priority Service $100 additional
Sunday Service $112.50/hr. (time and a half) 
Returned Check Fee  $25

Not responsible for computers, hard drives, or accessories left over 30 days beyond completion of repair or data capture.   No returns on parts or accessories after 30 days.

No returns on new computers; factory or extended warranty applies, as applicable. 


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