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Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconNovember 28, 2012

My laptop couldn't get on the internet so I dropped it off to Nick on Saturday thinking he would just download some drivers and have it fixed in two hours. It turned out to be more serious and he had to keep it until Monday night. Despite a busy schedule he worked diligently and when it was done the computer was fixed and even improved by the cleanup and antivirus software he installed as a bonus. He also is helping me get a new keyboard due to some broken keys. Although he charged me the equivalent of 2 hours work, he could have easily done 3 times that in total work hours spent, but I got the feeling he was giving me a break in anticipation of future business. I was grateful for the reasonable charge and pleased with the total fix. And my computer was better coming out than going in. So not sure what else I could ask for. Will certainly continue to avail myself of his services. Highly recommend for Laptop or computer repair.

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconSeptember 21, 2012

Great guy! Had a zillion viruses on my computer and internet was moving sluggish. Called Nick he had my laptop in and out in a matter of 4 hours. Bargained priced, but doesn't do bargain work!

- Travis

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJuly 28, 2012

Mr. Covey was very helpful and informative. I will use his service next time I have a computer issue.

- Fred

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 24, 2012

Nick is fantastic! He helped me tremendously and showed a great deal of patience and tolerance for my techno-ignorance. He recovered data from my failed computer, helped me buy a new computer and a combination printer/fax/copier/scanner, loaded the recovered files to my new computer, and set up the new computer with several programs to keep it protected from viruses and running efficiently. He created a special toolbar to make it easy for me to use all the FREE programs he installed. As an added value, he reviewed all the procedures I need to follow to keep my computer protected and offered one no-charge consultation to answer any questions, resolve problems that arise, or to assist in any way necessary. I had friends who took their computers to the big box stores with problems and they really never got full resolution. I was fearful about trusted sources and my experience with Nick has proven to be very positive. I'd recommend him to anyone, including friends, family, and even a stranger.

- Kimberly

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 22, 2012

See all the reviews below and they are saying it for us!! Alllll very positive with Nick Covey Computers. He fixed my laptop from viruses and gave me much extra time and explanations. I had a frozen blue screen and thus Nick took the virus out. He's the man!!!

- Cindy-Pete

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 20, 2012

Our experience with Nick was a very positive one! He is knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and extremely thorough. We highly recommend him and will be passing his name along to our friends and family!

- Ed

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 16, 2012

The services were awesome. Fast service and very intellectual. This guy is a pro! Highly recommend.

- Shelisha

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 10, 2012

Mr. Covey was super friendly and had excellent advice...was more than happy to fix the issues I had and in a timely fashion. He was able to remove multiple viruses from my computer. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a repair.

- Hannah

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 8, 2012

After finding out that my computer was slammed with a virus, I told my mother I had to bring my computer to geek squad. She told me about angies list, and after finding Nick Covey's computer service I decided to give it a try. Why not, a local computer repair service! What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing went wrong. In fact, everything went exceptionally well. Nick kept me up to date with what went wrong with my computer, he explained in detail what I had to do to keep it virus free, and most importantly he was sincere about everything. I highly recommend getting in contact with Covey Computer Services before ever going out to a corporate business.

- Phillip

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 3, 2012

Covey is the best he repaired my computer less than a day. He is quick, easy going and he gives you a discount :)!!! The best place to go if you want your computer done for a reasonable price. Grade A fella!

- Adrian

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconMay 30, 2012

I had Nick install a new computer and transferred all my data to the new one. Advised me on what external back up hard drive I should purchase, which was extremely helpful because, I would have purchased the wrong one, which is USB powered. Also, he was able to retrieve all my old emails, which was very important to me because I had family members emails I still enjoyed reading. I can't say enough about how prompt he is and how fair he is with his time. I will never use anyone else and neither should you.

- Jill

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconMay 21, 2012

My laptop failed while I was traveling away from home and wouldn't get past the start screen. I thought I'd have to get a new one. My uncle told me about Covey Computer Services, so I called Mr. Covey. He suggested I send him my laptop, so I sent it the same day. In about a week I got it back and it was working perfectly, like a new one. He gave me tips on how to keep my computer clean to keep this from happening again and installed antivirus programs. I recommend anyone who is having problems with their computer/laptop to give him a call and get it checked out. I was very happy with the results.

- Danny

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconMay 12, 2012

This guy saved me after losing all of my equipment in a robbery...he built back my e-world. Very effective and helpful. HIghly recommend.

- Jack

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconApril 7, 2012

I am very satisfied with the work that was done on my computer to remove viruses and to protect it and get it running faster. Nick's prices are fair and very affordable and I even have the new software that he installed to help my computer run better. I would recommend him to anyone that's in need of a good computer repair person. He was helpful later when I had questions about my internet service.

- Erika

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconApril 3, 2012

Nick located a laptop in a very short time frame and at a greatly reduced price. He worked with my wife to ensure that all of her requirements for a computer were met. Nick installed programs that protected the computer from viruses and malware. Nick's attitude and service were the best that I have experienced in this area. I highly recommend Nick and his services.

- Curtis

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconApril 2, 2012

Nick was timely in initially responding to my issue. He stayed in contact as he was diagnosing and resolving my data recovery issue. He was clear in setting expectations and explained his process and initial estimate of time. As he made progress he stayed in contact to advise time to completion. I was very satisfied with Nick's services and can recommend him with no hesitation. Given the circumstances I was dealing with Nick's efforts exceeded my expectations.

- Tim

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconMarch 17, 2012

Nick was extremely generous with his time and knowledge in giving us pre-purchase computer advice, which saved us an enormous amount of time and trouble in purchasing a computer and printer. When Nick installed our new computer system and wireless network, we continued to be impressed by his knowledge and professional manner. He was prompt and never complained when he had to return a second day because of the internet provider's system communication problem. We were especially impressed with Nick's eagerness to explain in detail to us all the processes we will need to use. We highly recommend Nick's services and even more highly recommend that you contact him before purchasing any new computer and network equipment that you plan to have him install. We think his pricing was fair and reasonable.

- Jo

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconFebruary 22, 2012

From the start, Mr. Covey's professional ad allowed us to feel secure in having someonecome to our home to help remediate our computer problems. We had tried many things to figure out why we were losing wireless connections;but to no avail. Mr. Covey worked diligently through many hours trying to access our wireless, giving us many options and advising us on the best products to use to gain the most secure and fast access. He was well informed about a variety of options and even supplied us with discounted products on the spot! We were extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend Mr. Covey to anyone experiencing trouble. With the knowledge of a free antivirus program which he installed on all of our computers, we now feel secure in using our computers.

- Celeste

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconFebruary 15, 2012

 Saturday my computer crashed. I was in dire need of help. I found Covey Computer Services on Craigslist, made the call and talked to Nick Covey. I took my crashed computer over to Nick the same day, freaked out. I was afraid I was going to lose all my data. Nick worked 'til 11 p.m. that night, started again Saturday morning and lo and behold, was able to save all my data off the old computer. I don't know how to thank him enough. Absolutely superior service-- I'm grateful. He followed up with me once by email and twice on the phone to be sure everything was working fine and it was. I'm out of words.

- Ervin

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconFebruary 3, 2012

I brought Nick my Lenovo T400 laptop which was nonfunctional. It was hanging during the boot process. Nick took the initiative to research the problem and resolved all issues. Now it's working great. In addition, he installed anti-malware and anti-virus software and optimized it for broadband internet connections to improve its performance. His pricing was fair and had quick turnaround.

- Paul

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 22, 2012

He's on time, fair priced, excellent service, extremely knowledgeable, and willing to teach. Nick removed a virus from my computer quickly and saved my computer and simultaneously set up two other computers to protect them. He also created recovery disks for my computer that didn't have them done yet.

- Vaughn

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 17, 2012

Nick is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of computer repairs and updates. He lets you know up front if your computer is outdated and possibly not worth repairing. I found this important, as you can make your own decision whether it's time to continue repairs or invest in a new computer. Nick is very up-to-date and has good connections and recommendations relating to viruses and memory upgrades. Nick was also able to repair the DC jack on my Toshiba laptop quickly and very inexpensively. I highly recommend him.

- Brian

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 12, 2012

I had many computer issues and Nick did a great job of ridding my system of the many viruses and malware. His service was timely, efficient and reasonable. I highly recommend his service.

- Terry

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 8, 2012

I found Nick by doing a Google search for "computer repair" in Cary, NC. This is the fourth time he has helped me to resolve computer problems. He offers a fast, friendly, and reliable in-home computer repair service. He has removed viruses, installed additional memory, set up a new computer, and resolved all my questions and issues. I think his prices are very reasonable. I recommend his service to anyone who has computer problems.

- John 

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 5, 2012

Nick is DA BOMB! I brought in my laptop that had malware, trojan horse, viruses and a short in the power cord. Nick was able to resolve all issues with the laptop with a minimum of hours expended at a reasonable rate. Nick was also able to secure a brand new power source at a lower price than you can buy at Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc. and hand delivered it. Excellent service at reasonable rates and a quick turnaround -- what more can you ask for? The service was so good, I'm having him look at my other laptop which has no known issues, just to install his software to keep it running as efficiently as the one he returned to me.

- Mike

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 2, 2012

Nick came out same day and resolved several issues on my laptop. Fast, friendly, reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

- John

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 2, 2012

I had a virus. I called Nick and scheduled a visit. He showed up promptly and worked efficiently to resolve the issue by successfully removing several viruses and installed a fix so the problem would not occur again. All in all I'm very satisfied with the level of service and I would recommend him to someone with a similar issue.

- Paul

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconDecember 29, 2011

This is the third time that I have used Mr. Covey for my computer repair and I couldn't be more pleased. I thought I was going to have to buy a new computer, but Nick swooped right in and took all the problems and viruses off and my computer works better and is faster than ever. So I saved money and I'm one happy camper. I would recommend Nick Covey for any computer problems you may have.

- Linda

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconDecember 22, 2011

Nick Covey of Covey Computer Services has helped me with all my personal home computer and business computer needs for the past thirteen years.  I have not experienced delays in getting assistance when I've really needed it. He has resolved problems by either making on site visits or logging on remotely to my computer to resolve issues. It would have been impossible for me to function without his intervention when I needed computer repairs involving the removal of viruses. He's professional and knows the latest trends in the field, helping clients not only to maintain their equipment but to make wise purchases of hardware as well as software. Nick has been invaluable in the maintenance and purchase of our computers, laptops, and software. He's a good educator in helping clients understand how to maximize the function of their equipment. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs computer assistance.

- Margaret

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconDecember 21, 2011

Nick was incredibly helpful not only in repairing my older laptop and removing malware and viruses, but took the time to install antivirus software and explained how and how often to run the antivirus programs and computer security tips. I have dealt with other computer repair companies in the area, and I would recommend Nick above any I have experienced so far.  He is friendly, fast, and incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and his prices are more than competitive.  Five stars. 

- Daniel

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconDecember 2, 2011

Nick Covey did a great job installing memory in my older computer to get it to run faster.  He also installed some programs to make it run faster and to protect it from viruses and malware.  He explained how to run the new programs. I was pleasantly surprised at the low price of the new memory and the fairness of Nick's rates. I would rate him 100% in services and would recommend him to anyone who needs computer repair or is looking to buy a computer.

- Johnny

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconNovember 26, 2011

Nick Covey is a professional computer technician. He pays particular interest to the feature or program he's adding to the computer. He always comes at the appointed time or called if there was going to be a delay. My computer had crashed and he was able to bring it back up and overcame all the issues. He carries extra computer mice, wires, battery backups, flash drives, routers, and needed supplies as necessary to get the job done in one trip. He was happy to demonstrate features of the computer, printer, and the programs he installed and was quite patient in answering all questions and explaining everything every step of the way. He even gave my grandson a lesson in setting up a battery backup. When it comes to computer repairs and installing peripheral equipment, Nick's prices are extremely reasonable. I shopped around for a technician and found Nick on Angie's List, which was convenient, because he had listed his services and prices there and even included his picture. When he came to the door, I knew who he was. And that is important in today's market. If you want the job done quick, call Nick.

- Gail

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconNovember 14, 2011

Nick did a remarkable job in replacing the screen of my daughter's HP laptop, which had been damaged by her kids. For sure I would recommend his services based on the services he performed. And his rates are very competitive. Thank you Nick.

- Joao

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconNovember 7, 2011

Nick has done a remarkable job in optimizing the speed of my computer. It was running really slow until he provided me with tools to maximize my computer speed and processing of information. I would recommend his services to anyone.

- Melvin

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconNovember 4, 2011

Nick responds quickly and efficiently to any of my computer needs. Whether I need computer repairs, computer training or help with my wireless networks, Nick patiently and clearly solves my problems and his rates are very reasonable. The fact that sales of computer accessories constitutes part of Nick's business is very helpful. Bottom line: you can't go wrong with Nick!

- Carlton

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconNovember 3, 2011

I'm so happy with Nick Covey's computer repair services. Now all my computers run faster and are virus-free. Nick is very knowledgeable and his rates are very reasonable. He was able to retrieve the data from my failed hard drive and save the data to my replacement computer. Nick was very patient while explaining how to keep my computers running efficiently and virus-free with the free programs he installed. He also installed new printer software to get my old printer working again even though I couldn't find my printer software CD. I highly recommend Covey Computer Services!

- Mimi

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconOctober 25, 2011

In August, 2011, I called several PC repair companies. Covey had great ratings and I am glad I chose him. His ratings are all that and more. I was in a time crunch and he fixed what needed to be fixed and then some. He really wants the client to know how to get the most out of your machine, even if its as old as mine. He also has great pricing on new equipment. Give Nick a call for all your computer and/or printing needs! You won't be sorry!

- corgiwuver

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconOctober 23, 2011

Back in July I found Mr. Covey’s ad on craigslist. I was a little skeptical but my laptop was non-functional so I had nothing to lose. After about 10 days he was able work all my problems out and my laptop is working like a brand new out the box HP, Thanks a lot.

- Gilberto

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconAugust 26, 2011

Nick Covey is known as the "go to" guy for any problem regarding computers and wireless devices. I am very impressed by his knowledge. He has done excellent work for me, including memory upgrades and installing free antivirus, anti-malware, firewall, and defrag software for me and writing instructions on how to use them.

- EllenL

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconAugust 1, 2011

Covey Computer Services ranks #1 for tech support. Nick was prompt for his appointment. He was professional from the moment of arrival on-site. Nick proceeded through the diagnostics and repair of my issues in a prompt and professional manner. Most important to me was his follow-up communication via email and phone to be sure my issues were resolved. I have recommended Covey Computer Services to coworkers who have found his services to be invaluable, as I have, and certainly Nick is the first person I will call if/when I have computer issues in the future.

- Jan 

  Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJuly 1, 2011

I found Covey Computer Services on Craigslist.  I was very pleased with Mr. Covey's friendly approach, his patience, and his ability to explain everything so I could understand it.  He was able to remove all the viruses from my computer to get it working again.  He also installed free antivirus software.  I highly recommend him for his courteousness, computer skills, and reasonable rates.  I am a very satisfied customer!

- Beth St.

Covey Computers Customer Testimonial IconJune 20, 2011

Nick did a great job on my laptop. He expanded RAM memory and showed me how to clean-up the system which significantly improved the response time. I got my computer serviced several months ago and it is working great.

– Dhirendra

Customer Testimonial IconJune 20, 2011

Nick was great! After helping to clear my virus, Nick showed me how to protect my PC in the future and even create backups for future potential problems. He had a lot of helpful tips and information for all my family's PCs and made great use of our time together. He was very informative and professional in his approach to correct current problems as well as help me prevent future ones.

– Jenny

Customer Testimonial IconJune 14, 2011

Nick did a fantastic job helping me resolve my computer issues. He promptly addressed a crashed hard drive. Nick was also quick to address the lack of security of my home wireless network. The best part was that the cost was LESS than anticipated! Thank you, Nick

– Brad

Customer Testimonial IconMay 22, 2011

I told Nick that I thought he would not be able to fix my problem (a corrupted file), but I was willing to spend $50 to attempt to fix it because I wanted the file. He came to my house and spent about 1.5 hours trying to fix the file, but it was not fixable. However, while he was trying, he did load a bunch of stuff to help my computer run better.

– Lyle

Customer Testimonial IconMay 12, 2011

I've been using Covey Computer Services for 10 years. I would highly recommend Nick's services for the following reasons: (1) He is efficient & honest, 2) he shows up when he says he will, and 3) his prices are very reasonable. He seems to be able to figure out and resolve any problem we have with our computers and networks. You won't go wrong if you call Nick!

– Pell

Customer Testimonial IconMay 7, 2011

This is the second time that I have used Mr. Covey for my computer repair and I couldn't be more pleased. He does what he says he's going to do, he comes when he says he's going to come and he does it all with a pleasant demeanor. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needed someone to repair their computer.

– Linda

Customer Testimonial IconMarch 23, 2011

After reading positive testimonials about Covey Computer Services I called and Nick came to my home that same evening. I had recently changed from Time Warner to AT&T and was having trouble connecting to the internet. Also my wireless had not worked properly since the change over. He promptly fixed those problems. He then upgraded my security (and saved me $75 a year on Norton which I have now canceled) and he cleaned up and moved files causing my computer to run much faster. He clearly explained what he was doing and gave instruction on how to better maintain my equipment. And to make it even better, his rate was very affordable. I am sure I will be a repeat customer.

– Sharon

Customer Testimonial IconMarch 1, 2011

Nick recently worked on my computer and greatly improved its efficiency and security. He is knowledgeable and professional; his work was thorough and at the same time he was very conscientious about the hours spent on the project. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and found his detailed explanations and instructions to be helpful. Thanks to his work, my laptop is in great shape and I will definitely contact Nick the next time I need computer and/or networking assistance.

– Heidi

Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 31, 2011

Nick Covey was my colleague at the Division of Medical Assistance. He was known in the division as the "go to" guy for any problem regarding computers and wireless devices such as Blackberries. He was so helpful to me at work and I was so impressed by his knowledge that I asked if he would be willing to work on my home Dell computer. He did excellent work for me, upgrading the memory and downloading free antivirus, anti-malware, firewall and defrag software for me and writing instructions on how to use them. When I bought a Mac, he set it up and transferred all the data from the Dell to the Mac, then he recycled the Dell. In addition, when I bought a new printer he connected it and configured it properly. Nick is always on time for appointments. He is very dependable and easy to work with, especially for those of us who don't have a great deal of confidence in our computer expertise. He is a great teacher when it comes to all things regarding computers and wireless devices. His fees are very reasonable, and you can be sure you will get excellent value for your money. There is simply no service that matches his. I highly recommend the Computer repair, Computer Services and Wireless Networks offered by Covey Computer Services. Once Nick has worked on your computer, you'll never want anyone else to touch it!

– Sarah

Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 17, 2011

 Covey Computer Services provided prompt, excellent PC services when I requested them.

– Gary

Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 12, 2011

Nick Covey is terrific. I found him through a listserve in my community. He makes house calls and works tirelessly to solve your computer problems. He will work with you remotely as well. As a home-based business owner, I find his service -- and his spirit -- to be helpful, not to mention indispensable.

– Wanda

Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 3, 2011

I called Covey Computer Services to add memory to my computer and figure out what was wrong with my internet access. Everything is working fine now. I'm very happy with the service I received.

– Caroline

Customer Testimonial IconJanuary 3, 2011

Covey Computer Services maintains and repairs the computers in my small business and designed and optimized my website. I highly recommend Nick Covey for his excellent service.

– Marco

Customer Testimonial IconDecember 29, 2010

I have been using Covey Computer Services for the past two years for both my home and store computers and am very satisfied. The work is performed quickly and completely at a reasonable price. On two occasions I have used their remote service on an emergency basis, which worked out well -- all problems were resolved quickly and completely.

– Jorge


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